Attention Brandy Fans! – Want to win a personal conversation with Brandy? Here’s how:

Contest Rules/Instructions

Buy Brandy’s newest single, “Beggin and Pleadin“, then buy 10 other copies as a gift for your friends. Post your proof of purchase. It’s that simple!

To purchase your copy:

Go to iTunes and search “Beggin and Pleadin“. Click “Buy”

To purchase other copies as a gift:

Click your name on the iTunes screen.
Click ‘account info’
Log in
Scroll down to ‘Gifts’
Click ‘Manage Gifts’
Screen shot this screen”
Make a collage of this screen and your original purchase
Post to Instagram using the hashtag #BegginAndPleadinFT

To send the gift:

Go to iTunes store
Search for “Beggin & Pleadin”
Click the top right square with arrow pointing up
Click “gift”
Enter the email addresses of persons you’re gifting
Confirm your purchases

Upload A Photo Collage Of Your Purchase And Your Ten Gifted Purchases

You can only manage gifts on a laptop or PC

Brandy will be selecting winners and making calls on Monday, February 1, 2016!


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