The world is Taraji P. Henson’s oyster as of this last past year and a half. The reigning queen of television’s hit FOX Network drama Empire has solidified her placement among television’s royalty with her Golden Globe win on Sunday night (Jan. 10).

In true “Cookie” fashion, TJ (as her close friends and family refer to her) passed out cookies as she took to the stage to accept her honor for the portrayal of her fierce ex-convict character of Cookie Lyon.

Cookies for everyone tonight — my treat,” the actress began her acceptance speech after passing out treats to the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga (among others).

Who knew that playing an ex-convict would take me all around the globe?” joked Henson. “I thought it would be Queenie, Will, my character from Karate Kid — but it’s Cookie, who spent 17 years in jail for selling crack. So the world loves real, thank you. So many people to thank. My manager… my publicist…”.”

As the teleprompter told Taraji to wrap, the actress responded, “Please wrap?, I waited 20 years for this. You’re gonna wait. My fans have been praying for this. You’ve got to give me time.”

This is Henson’s first Golden Globe.

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