Are congratulations in order? Have Miguel and his longtime girlfriend since his teen years, Nazanin Madi, just low key announce their supposed engagement?

The stunning beauty (Madi) sparked speculation after flashing what appears to be an engagement ring via an Instagram post today.

Publicity or nah? After all, Miguel has always shied away from marital status, questions and rumors. Peep the quote we captured from E! Networks:

“At the end of the day, empty sex is lame. Sport f–king was cool when I was younger, it was like, Ah, I did that, cool, whatever. Empty sex is just…I’m over that s–t.” He added, quite bluntly, “I would rather f–k the s–t out of someone that I’d like—we have something in common, that’s the real basis—than someone that is like, f–king beautiful, and she’s like, ‘Whatever.”.

If the couple are indeed engaged…CONGRATULATIONS!, but I’ll wait for spoken, or at the very least written (via caption), confirmation. (smile)

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