BALMAIN_SPRING_SUMMER_2016_campaign1Remember the time when every Super Model earned the title to become a household name?

Well, if you grew up in the late 1980s to early ’90s, then you’ll know that there were only an handful of elite models that needed just one name to identify themselves…those Super Models were none other than Cindy (Crawford), Naomi (Campbell), Claudia (Schiffer), Tyra (Banks), Linda (Evangelista) and Christy (Turlington).

Unlike the “models” of today’s generation who are pretty much self-proclaimed “super” models, “The Core Six” of the 80s/90s actually demonstrated work ethic and dominance in the fashion industry that made the once prestigious title of “super model” warranted, earned and accepted.

Currently, three of these photogenic legends of yesteryear’s reigning supreme (Cindy, Naomi, Claudia) have now scored what mostly every regular model of today’s fashion world can only dream about…being the new faces of Balmain’s Spring 2016 collection.

Take a glimpse at the first look of the newly promoted ad campaign buzzing around the world wide web.


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