There’s nothing like the hilarious competitive spirits between an husband and wive dual…and that’s exactly what took place on the most recent episode of the LL Cool J. hosted lip syncing competition show titled none other than Lip Sync Battle.

Actors, and overall performers, Channing Tatum along with his wife Jenna DeWan-Tatum battled each other for the lip syncing crowd in the show’s Season 2 opener. I have to admit Jenna had her husband down to a tee, so much so, that the ONLY way Channing may have stood a chance (since we’re kinda already used to seeing the handsome stripper turned actor perform wonders) at beating his beautiful counter part was to invite Beyoncé herself as he performed Queen Bey’s “Run The World (Girls)” single.

The performance aired just hours after it was revealed that Beyoncé will return to the Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 7 as a guest star with Coldplay.

You can catch all new episodes of Lip Sync Battle at 10:00 EST on Spike.

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