Rihanna Launches Her Own Beauty & Fashion Styling Agency

When Rihanna sung of her infamous “reign”, who would have known that her forecast would predict just how glorious her days and career would shine…”like a diamond”. LOL

With successful perfume launches, collaborations with MAC and Puma, and a number of hit songs, Rihanna has yet another accomplishment she can check off of her bucket list. The entertainer has now declared pre-destined victory on the beauty and fashion styling worlds by publicly announcing the revelation that she has launched her own beauty and styling agency named Fr8me.

Working with Rihanna, within her new agency, will be a few familiar names within the industry. The industry insiders are: Rih Rih’s personal make-up artist Mylah Morales, hair experts Patricia Morales and Marcia Hamilton and wardrobe stylist Jason Bolden.

Rihanna’s forthcoming projects include another cinema starring role alongside Cara Delevinge, and her highly anticipated 8th album Anti.

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