Grammy award winning singer Ashanti knows how to make a musical comeback.

The singer/actress is issuing an important message regarding the importance of drinking more water, while also ultimately revealing her latest music video for new single “Let’s Go“.

The promotional campaign that combines music, social media and an important message to premiere a new song is simply GENIUS! The concept is based around an interactive video which Ashanti fans are responsible to help reveal. When fans tweet or Instagram the hashtag #DrinkUpAshanti, they’ll assist with the ‘hydration’ of the music video, making the visual appear a little clearer and sound a little better with each post until it’s fully “hydrated” and ready for complete view. Simultaneously, the song’s video will transform from a black, white and gray color scheme to a gorgeous, richly colored palette that features flowers created by the aggregated tweets.

With this marketing campaign, Ashanti has teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America to remind people to drink more water and how drinking more H20 can keep you healthy.

With their hard work and creativity, groups like Drink Up have encouraged people across the country to drink more water, and they have helped increase demand for—and sales of—healthier products,” said First Lady Michelle Obama.

From talking fountains to surfing competitions and now through partnerships with artists like Ashanti, Drink Up is proving that if we promote healthier options in fun and exciting ways, and make those options affordable and accessible for families, we can continue to make the healthy choice the easy choice.”


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