KeKe Palmer as Aaliyah

KeKe Palmer as Aaliyah

It should come as no surprise that triple threat, KeKe Palmer, could effortlessly pull off a well-respected tribute to our generation’s fallen angel, Aaliyah…afterall KeKe can sing, dance and act, but the fact that her performance was so seamless is the precise reason for her effort to be recognized…so that’s what I’m gonna do in honor of the talented Ms. Palmer.

This Halloween season, the actress posted a short video reenactment of the Aaliyah starred film Romeo Must Die theme song titled “Try Again“, initially recorded and performed by the late great Ms. Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

Aaliyah, whom tragically died in a plane crash, in August of 2001, while exiting the Bahamas from her “Rock The Boat” video locale, has been cemented in music history as the talent taken too soon while on the very cusp of claiming her destined superstar status.  I don’t know too many people that wasn’t affected by Aaliyah’s sultry vocals, the relatable material within her discography and bold tomboy-ish feminism while still asserting a quiet sexy demeanor, as well as, being impaired by her sudden death.  I probably couldn’t find one person, in the black community, that wouldn’t be able to sing every lyric of Aaliyah’s most popular songs without stumble…and fourteen years later, as her fans and admirers still slightly mourn her loss, it is apparent how missed our “baby girl” truly is and how she will never be forgotten.

With various fans, everyday people and celebrities alike, continuing to pay homage to the fallen singer/actress in many ways over the years, someone dressing up as the late entertainer is not exactly shocking…BUT when someone takes the time to PERFECT the choreography to a feature film’s leading soundtrack song & video, credit must be given where it’s due.

This is me giving Ms. KeKe that credit.  SHE DID THAT!

Check out the video tribute to obviously one of Ms. Palmer’s musical inspirations and idols.




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