In terms of any great get-together, especially in terms of a fancy New Year’s Party, glitter is darn near a MUST to have present.

And despite the messy clean-up and all around evidence that, “Yes, glitter was here”, trails drops of sparkle on your clothes, furniture, hands, hair and sometimes even on your face, many still desire the use of glitter.

Although the mess glitter can make is an obvious deterrent for not using it, the desire to stunt on your party guests and leave jaws hanging in awe at your creative decor tend to be the ultimate deciding factor on why many still opt to use the shimmering mess of a product to jazz up various party elements.


1.) Spray Paint – Purchase colors to match glitter colors you’ll be using. I like to spray paint items first to make for a better final product, especially with items like the pine cones. I don’t wish for the natural brown color of the pine cones to show through.

2.) Glitter

3.) Spray Adhesive

4.) Can of Clear Top Coat Sealant to seal glitter on item(s)

If you don’t mind the clean-up and traces of glitter still being found months later, here are nice alternatives to giving general everyday items a more sparkling theme and festive look.

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