Ciara recently interviewed with “The Guardian” and shared her views on her “industry competition” that so many try to categorize her with/against daily.

After being completely misquoted & misrepresented, while speaking cavalierly on the subject matter, CiCi fired back by taking to social media to clarify the facts and blast unethical “journalists” for not using full quotes in an attempt to start beef and/or to be salacious in order to get more blog hits etc..

In my opinion saying that you believe in your own talent and aren’t concerned about what another is doing, but instead focused on YOURSELF (since you too have had your own success in your own right) is not hating or dragging anyone; and it’s sad how the media and the world in general try to pit females against one another. Everyone has their own talent, success story and lane; therefore, all of the bee and anchor emojis (to represent Beyonce & Rihanna STANS {not fans}) being left in Ciara’s instagram comments are petty, rude and uncalled for.

People need to learn, as Ciara herself said, to “Promote Positivity”. And that’s my two cents.

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