This week, The NV was offered the opportunity to speak with a man of many talents. From overcoming a rough upbringing in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, to venturing into many facets of entertainment that has branded this Grammy-nominated entertainer as the multi-talented go-to guy. Whether it’s modeling, singing or effortlessly delivering dramatic, as well as, comedic acting roles, Tyrese Gibson has proven that a rose is still a rose, whether blossoming from soil or emerging through solid concrete, Tyrese’s legend and body of work is front and center, and he still has something to say with new accomplishments & business ventures to conquer.

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with Mr. Gibson’s latest single, ‘Dumb Sh*t‘, feel free to take a listen above while becoming captivated by the stage presence given off by Tyrese & Snoop Dogg in the simplistic black & white video, which pays homage to filmmaker Hype Williams, via the PLAY button on the default photo. Dumb Shi*t‘ is now available on iTunes.

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click on image to purchase

The NV: First I want to say congratulations on the release of ‘Dumb Sh*t‘, it’s such a catchy & candid song; I play it nearly daily since the single dropped, so thank you.

Now, just yesterday, you announced that there will also be a short musical titled “Shame” starring yourself and Jennifer Hudson, can you provide a little detail on the story behind this forthcoming project, and when it’s scheduled to drop, as well as, give a synopsis on what the Black Rose documentary and book will be based around?

TG: I’ve created what I like to call a Black Rose universe and this is my last solo album. We all know that the music business is a very different music business, and even though I’m independent, it cost me that much more money to be an independent label because nothing is free. Anything you do, every move you make, every single you drop, I’m literally paying for everything…so for me, I just landed 50/50 custody of my baby, Shayla, so the pick ups and drop offs and all the daddy duties associated with that, I wanted to make sure that if I had to leave my house, it’s worth it…and so all of that is a part of the motivation for me saying “this is my last solo album.”

Will I still sing, yes, but I’m not doing no more albums; this is it. With that being said, Black Rose is a universe that I’ve created; it’s a double album, one whole side is R&B, the other side is me rapping as Black Ty, and it’s going to be about a total of about 20 songs, 10 on each album including some interludes…and everything that I’m doing, it’s like it’s a story, so I be doing ‘Dumb Sh*t‘, and I’m ashamed of it, but I’ll be waiting on you because your love is unbelievable.

Dumb Sh*t‘ is the first single, featuring Snoop. It’s an honest record and I’m looking at this album as — shoutout to Usher who is one of my friends, we basically came into the business at the same time, and I was even featured in some of his videos from way back in the day, but one of his most classic albums was his Confessions album where he’s just coming clean, even if it embarrassed him, he’s coming clean and that’s what I’m doing.

For me, I did some ‘Dumb Sh*t‘. I was in a relationship for five years, my girl lived with me, and between cheating and lying and just being sloppy with everything I was doing; I know better but sometimes shit be stopping us from doing better, and it’s not just men, women do it too…And when you’re doing ‘Dumb Sh*t‘, it’s not always connected to cheating. I be doing ‘Dumb Sh*t‘ that I’m ashamed of. I feel like this album is my most honest album, it’s my most uncomfortable album and it’s my truth, and even if it embarrasses me…I’m telling my truth.

I be doing ‘Dumb Sh*t‘ that I’m ashamed of. I feel like this album is my most honest album, it’s my most uncomfortable album and it’s my truth, and even if it embarrasses me…I’m telling my truth.

So Black Rose is a double album, a documentary, which is the making of the album, and a book which I felt necessary to give because I had this God-sent vision, and whenever I get visions, I called them emails; so God sent me an email and said you’re gonna record your entire double album in Arizona, and that’s what I did.

While in Arizona filming Fast 6, we went online and we found this beautiful 15,000 square foot mansion as a vacation rental property, and I had nineteen (19) people in this house for 34 days just creating. We did 146 original songs in 34 days. We started in LA, I loaded everybody up on a tour bus, we took an eight hour bus ride, we grabbed all of our keyboards, microphones, speakers, cables, everything…with all of these producers, singers and writers I put them in this house; we laughed, we had the time of our life and it was a lot of pressure because there’s a lot of egos in one house on a creative level, and we did 146 records in 34 days. It was the most life changing experience ever and I documented the whole thing in the documentary for the making of the album. My book, also titled Black Rose, will be the follow up to my two New York Best Sellers, “How to Get Out Of Your Own Way” and “Manology” that I did with Rev Run. This is going to be my most uncomfortable book, my rawest book, and my most honest book. I’m also doing my first audio book ever, and with this audio book, I’m gonna score it with music from Black Rose, the album, underneath, so that you never get bored because it will go from one song to the next in instrumental form as I read.

The last thing is the movie or musical called Shame, based in 1968. It’s period piece starring Jennifer Hudson where I’m basically playing a Teddy Pendergrass/Marvin Gaye type. The musical is directed my Paul Hunter, and it’s the most uncomfortable movie myself and Jennifer Hudson have ever done. I’m abusive, I’m on cocaine, my hair is nappy and I am a struggling soul singer. This movie is connected to the ‘Dumb Shit‘ song….so ‘Dumb Shit‘ leads to Shame and it’s all connected. That’s the Black Rose Universe.

The NV: Who’s featured on the album? I hear Stevie Wonder is one of the many talents featured.

TG: Well as of right now, the Stevie Wonder situation is going to be a big reveal…I’m still working on that. But right now we have Snoop Dogg who’s featured on the single ‘Dumb Sh*t‘. The Game, who’s featured on the hip hop side of the album. I got other collaborations on the hip hop side that’s coming up that I haven’t gotten to finishing up because I’m still finishing up the R&B side. I have a song with Chrisette Michele. I have a song with Jennifer Hudson. I have a song with Tank, and the other ones are secrets.

The NV: Well I can’t wait for you to debut them. Do you consider Black Rose & Furious 7 to be your greatest work and why?

TG: I do consider it to be my best album. No album has ever taken as long. I feel like people are going to experience a lot of different emotions and feelings on different levels. I’ve never struggled to record an album ever in my life and I’ve been through some heavy shit, so naturally when you’re going through something, you get in the studio and you write and you create. I can’t wait for the world to get it on July 7th. I got a remix coming up so get ready for that!

The NV: I know this is your last solo album, but will there be another TGT album in store for the fans in the future?

TG: As far as TGT, I’m hoping to do another album with Ginuwine & Tank; we just gotta get on the same page about what we’re doing, the when, the where and how. We’ve all been solo artists our entire careers so I really enjoyed that TGT experience…the tours, being able to look to my left or my right and see my brothers on stage with me, that was the ultimate high. I’m very proud of how that album came out. We did most of that album at my house, in what I like to call R&B bootcamp. I just loved what ended up happening with that project and a lot of fans supported that album. I think it was #1 on iTunes in eleven (11) countries so that was a real highlight for us.

The NV: That’s great! I can hear the pride in your voice. With you now stepping out on faith, through your company Voltron, you’re pretty much manning your own ship, even venturing into film producing, how’s that like stepping into the new role of executive producer of film while looking back on the evolution and transition of your career and how far you’ve come?

TG: I’ve been producing since the beginning honestly. I wrote ‘Lately‘ in its entirety, I co-produced ‘Signs of Love Making‘; I’m not known as a songwriter or producer, but I do it, and especially at this point, there’s pretty much no record that I’ve touched where I haven’t been creatively involved because I love creating and love working with creative people…producing film is just the next step in the evolution.

Tyrese's Fan Mock Up/Artwork as "The Green Lantern"  (click on photo to direct to story)

Tyrese’s Fan Mock Up/Artwork as “The Green Lantern”
(click on photo to direct to story)

The NV: How did the campaign to initiate your possible portrayal of comic book hero Green Lantern come to fruition? What made you opt to try the grass-root route in terms of trying to secure the role?

TG: First thing I will say, there were two fans online that sent me two direct messages on Instagram with me as Green Lantern, they started it. And there’s nothing like a comic book fan getting excited about someone they can see playing one of their comic book heros. As far as I’m concerned, I’m innocent. I was at home, I was relaxing…I was eating a bowl of cereal, and then I started getting direct messages with me as Green Lantern so naturally, because I liked it, I put it up on my timeline, and that’s when everything started. So, then, I started putting my fielders out there, getting some energy going, next thing you know, it ended up being on every website everywhere, “TYRESE AS GREEN LANTERN, JOHN STEWART“…and I just ran with it, and really had fun with the fans.

I was like “look man, I’m almost at $5 billion dollars worth of box office receipts under my butt from all these movies“, I never starred in every single movie, but I’m in them, so domestically and internationally, I think I can strap up and put on a Green Lantern suit, and take the oath and put the ring on and do my dizzle, so I said f*ck it, let’s rock.

Thereafter, I went to the Warner Brothers’ lot. I did go up there to have a meeting, and I won’t tell or speak on what the outcome was, but I did have a little meeting, a little something.

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The NV: In 2009, you dropped your Mayhem comic, which is pretty awesome, how was your experience, and do you have any plans to bring back any Mayhem comic or any comic period?

TG: Well we made history in a lot of different ways, first of all as an independent comic book co-creator of Mayhem. I had three other partners, we did the artwork, wrote the story with us, did everything…we made history, I went and met with Steve Jobs in San Francisco right before he died when he introduced the iTunes LP version of iTunes, which means you were able to get album packaging and all the other things that you’re able to get on iTunes now, that’s called iTunes LP. So we got contacted, once my comic book started doing so well in Mayhem, we were contacted from the folks at Apple that said they wanted to create the first ever animated comic book experience and launch that as a part of iTunes LP; so if you were to type in Tyrese and Mayhem on iTunes, all three of my comic books have motion graphics, we did sound effects in foley, and we did voice-overs, we were performing, and we did everything, and we did it all under a secret code name in junction with the folks at iTunes and it got released, and they said in order for us to feature the Mayhem comic book on the main page of iTunes, because iTunes is about music, you have to release a brand new song that’s being released with the comic book, so that’s what we did. I released a song called ‘Take Me Away‘ and did a duet with one of my favorite singers named Jewel, produced by Babyface, and I did another song called ‘You Put Up With Me‘, and each one of these features are associated with the Mayhem comic book that went up on iTunes. You can definitely download that and check that out, it was definitely cool. I was able to thank Steve Jobs and tell him I was honored to be featured as one of the people on this iTunes LP roll-out, especially as a black superhero, it’s amazing…it was a life changing moment.

The NV: That’s amazing…now to fast forward, I hear you’re apart of two upcoming films: Ride Along 2 and Southpaw. What can you tell us about that? What was it like working with the great Antoine Fuqua…and of course Ice Cube & Kevin Hart?

TG: In Ride Along, Kevin Hart was just riding along, but in this sequel, I’m actually Ice Cube’s partner. Alot of people are going to enjoy what we were able to do. We had a lot of fun. Between Ride Along 2 coming this year, and the movie I did with Antoine Fuqua, whom directed Training Day, called Southpaw starring Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Forrest Whitaker, I’m really excited.

The NV: Fast 7 will hit theaters in just a few short days on April 3rd, what do you find the most challenging and rewarding aspect of portraying Roman?

TG: Honestly because the movie is so intense, and there’s so many deep voices and baby oil flying around, I just love that I can be the voice of reality. It’s so much stuff happening and it’s so big but I’m able to talk sh*t, and I love that I get to say what the audience is thinking…and again because these movies can be so intense and dramatic I’m able to make sure the people are still having fun and laugh a little bit while they’re enjoying their favorite franchise.

The NV: I don’t want to ask too many questions about the film nor how the film deals with the character of Brian as to not give away any spoilers, but I can only imagine the excitement surrounding the release, yet the nostalgia of the memory of the entire franchise due to the unfortunate passing of Paul Walker…how was it wrapping up the film and then having to promote it without Paul?

TG: I want everyone to know that Paul Walker was literally an angel. Paul Walker was the nicest guy in the world that you could ever know and meet. He was a sincere soul, and so as you see people doing all these tributes and giving all this love, and you may say, man we see people pass away all the time, but you know, it reminds me of when everyone got sad after Aaliyah died…remember how sad everyone was when Aaliyah died in the plane crash, right? She was the sweetest, most innocent girl ever, and it reminds me of how people feel about Paul…totally different situation but it’s like “Oh My God!”, and it’s not that’s he’s some attractive guy because there’s a lot of attractive people out here that are mean as hell and you just don’t like them. So he was the nicest guy ever and I think the world knew it and it’s really hard to let it go or shake it. I’ve been knowing Paul for 14 years, and we had so many different moments of laughter and just exchanging different stories about our daughters and fatherhood.

I’m gonna tell you a story, me and Paul met before we shot our first movie together which was 2 Fast 2 Furious. Me and Paul was hanging out, we broke bread, we were training together and I had to step in when they couldn’t make a deal for Vin Diesel to come back for part 2. The day that we became best friends, we were sitting in the car doing a scene, and I started describing this girl, and I was like “I met this girl man, she was one of the extra, leg muscles was crazy, ass was fat, flat stomach, she’s beautiful, she got these juicy lips and this sweet face man, did you see her?“…and he kept looking at me, and he was like “who you talking about…Cindy?” and then I got quiet, and I was like “what you talking about man?“, and he was like “yeah sounds like you’re talking about Cindy“. Come to find out, Paul was hanging out with her the night before (laughs); and this was in Miami…all these women out here, how we end up hanging out with the same girl?..and that’s how we became best friends (laughs).

I’m gonna be honest and tell you that none of us wanted to do a press junket. None of the cast wanted to do any type of media and press because, in our minds, how it is not possible to not make it about us? You want us to go on the red carpet, do 4-5 days of press when it’s not about us, it’s about Paul, so there’s a lot of sensitivities. We’re all still mourning, we’re all still sad, and now we have a movie poster with our brother and our family on it, and he’s not here. And the one thing that made us feel better when all of our self-conscience started kicking in when they wanted us to finish the movies, we were like “What do you mean?“…but when Paul’s mother and father stepped up and said we’re in full support of you guys finishing Furious 7, cause Paul had about 85% of the movie done, and Universal Pictures donated $1 million dollars to Paul’s charitable organization called Reach Out Worldwide, and that all made us feel really good, and then what made it even better for us about moving forward is when Paul’s brothers, Cody & Caleb Walker, were physically on the set with us everyday stepping in to play Paul’s part because they look just like him, so you know, all of that made us feel that much more comfortable with something that we all felt uncomfortable doing.

This is his last movie, and we look at this as a celebration of his life. It’s like a graduation. It’s gonna make you emotional but it’s gonna feel like a graduation where you watch someone and they’re getting sent off. In my mind, imagine if Paul was working on another movie during his untimely death, I mean this Fast & The Furious is the movie that really put Paul on the map so it’s like what a coincidence that he was working on The Fast & The Furious before he died. It’s all heavy, we all miss our family but it’s through prayers and our faith in God that allowed for us all to pull together as a family and get through this tragedy.

The NV: The cast’s and your friendship and bond with Paul seemed very genuine and I’m sure that is hard to find in Hollywood. He will be missed. Moving ahead, during your recent Vibe magazine interview, you talked about how money affects your creativity. Can you talk more about what you would like to explore if money didn’t have an affect on your creativity?

TG: I want to build movie studios and implement tax rebate and incentive programs in certain places that I feel a movie studio should be. As far as research and my existing partners, I know a thing or two, I know more than a thing or two about tax rebates and incentives. A lot of people may not know this but you may have heard about all these films and TV shows being filmed in Atlanta. No one is in Atlanta because it’s one of their favorite places to be, they’re there shooting all of those movies and TV shows because of the tax rebate and incentives. Just imagine if you buy a house that cost $2 million and you’re given 35% of your money back as soon as you buy the house…so when you shoot movies physically in Atlanta, and you have a budget of $200-$300 million or even $50 or $25 million, they’re given you 35 percent of your money back for physically shooting in Atlanta. My partners are guys that implement incentive programs in states and countries where they don’t have them, and my other partner actually builds movie studios, so when I speak upon having big vision, ideas and intentions, it’s because of that. There are some things that I think of that I can’t afford, which is frustrating, but whatever I can think of that I can afford, I do and that’s what it’s about. Money isn’t about saying I got a $100 million…No, I’m a grown ass man, I don’t even care to tell people what I got in my account, I don’t care. I just want people to be able to say “this dude is creative as hell, and when he says he gonna do some shit, he will stop at nothing until it’s done“.

The NV: Speaking of having vision and living life, you seem to travel a lot to the UAE (United Arab Emirates)…what is your experience over there, and will there be any upcoming concerts/performances for your UAE fans off of this last album?

TG: Honestly I have never traveled to any other country in my life and felt more welcome, more love and more energy. One would assume that Abu Dhabi or Dubai makes me happy because so many folks out there got money, that’s not the case. If you had a bunch of people with money, Shiekhs and Royals with money, and everybody was mean and arrogant and condescending, then it would prove to be one of the worst places to ever travel to, but Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and the UAE as a whole is one of the safest places I’ve ever been in the world, and the nicest people I’ve ever experienced. I don’t think I’ve ever remembered sitting at so many dinner tables and peoples’ private homes and eating and feeling a part of the family as I do in Abu Dhabi. I hope one day to meet Shiekh Mohammed & definitely would want to meet Shiekh Mansour, that would be a dream come true to meet them because they have so many big visions and ideas. I’m inspired by people who have vision and move on their vision. I wouldn’t want to meet people who just have millions and have no vision; so Sheikhs Mohammed and Mansour, you’re my heros and I can’t wait to meet you one day.

As far as touring over in the UAE or just touring in general, I would love to do that, but we’ll see what happens. Touring is very expensive, and right now we’ve got some potential sponsors that’s gonna come on board to cover some of these expenses, so we’re working on that. I’ve been doing some business out there in the UAE now, and I’m hoping to build a movie studio, as I stated earlier, in Abu Dhabi or Dubai so I’m excited about trying to move this thing forward so that’s what I’m working on. For me, I felt like with everything that exist in Dubai, the only thing that’s missing is Hollywood. That’s a very big vision that I have and I’m hoping to bring it to life.

The NV: Yes, there’s a sense of peace when you go to UAE, which leads me to segue into your reasoning for pretty much building out what’s now becoming your infamous legendary backyard? Did you do it to keep your own sense of peace and privacy?

TG: Here’s the thing right, we all have certain levels of a backyard and I said to myself, I don’t really like leaving home. Everything about my life is very public and I’m a very private person that’s a public figure. I have an office, a restaurant, an outdoor fire pit, a roof top sun deck, and I have a lot of meetings here everyday, all day with different executives and some of the most A-list executives, producers and writers and celebrities, and there’s no paparazzi at my house and we’re able to get a lot done. And so, it’s like, every time you wanna meet with somebody you gotta go to a public restaurant, and based on who you’re meeting with, people are interrupting your meeting, taking pictures while you’re eating and you’re just there trying to conduct business and hang out like everybody else…so I said you know what, “F*ck it, I’m gonna built it all in my backyard“.

The NV: Another motivating avenue you’ve ventured into is automotives…last year you created your own sprinter van, what was your inspiration behind that and what’s next for that venture?

TG: Well I own 50% of the company, it’s called Chalmers Automotive in Kansas City, and basically I’ve never been interested in sprinters, I never had a passion for sprinters, but I’m a creative dude in everything I do. I like to say, Ok, here’s an empty canvas and the freedom and liberties to be able to create. I’ve said this a couple of years ago, I’ve realize that I am addicted to creativity, and I’m not limited to saying, oh you don’t know how to do this…there is no limit to what I can do and create and I love it. I never owned or been apart of any type of sprinter business, and here I am creating and designing my first two sprinters and they’re selling off the charts. The first one was a prototype for Rolls Royce. It’s a Mercedes Benz that I converted into a Rolls Royce because I realized that Rolls Royce was not in the sprinter business, so I was like let me show y’all what a Rolls Royce would look like if they were making them as sprinters. Then, my second one, I called it a Voltron Ghost Sprinter (interior pictured at right), because my company is called Voltron Entertainment, and we have a limited edition of 15 vehicles and they’re selling off the charts. I’m very proud.

The NV: That’s big boy status! I’ve seen them via your Instagram page and they look amazing! Speaking of social media and the messages and branding they can carry and deliver, you post a lot of inspirational videos without fail, what if anything do you want people to take away from your inspiring posts?

TG: Here’s the thing, I have this feeling, that what else is my life and career about other than being able to pass on insider information that can help someone else to become successful?…and you know, we have social media, and I think people are addicted to likes and shares, and views and clicks on videos or whatever it is, it’s an unspoken addiction I think some people have…so instead of me just getting likes and shares, my Facebook has 1.2 billion hits a month, and I only have 23 million followers; 1.2 billion are the amount of eyeballs that view the content that I upload on Facebook, anybody else would look at those numbers and become arrogant or egotistical about it, but in my mind, I got 1.2 billion souls and spirits and hearts that I can reach with a motivational and inspirational message, and so I’m very blessed that this is a stage that God has blessed me with and I’m able to use it to inspire a lot of people.

I got 1.2 billion souls and spirits and hearts that I can reach with a motivational and inspirational message, and so I’m very blessed that this is a stage that God has blessed me with and I’m able to use it to inspire a lot of people.

The NV: Based on the increase of police brutality cases occurring in America, what advice do you give young black males in our society?

TG: I sent this message out to our beloved President Obama, and I said “President Obama could you please use your power and influence to get the Chiefs of Police from all of these states where they’ve seen the highest level of police brutality on the common man & woman that has taken place, because I believe that leadership starts from the top down, and if you flew them all to DC and hosted them for 2-3 days, and put some leaders in front of them that can help change their approach…if you change the head, the body will follow.” If you can change the mind-state of the Chiefs of Police, the rest will follow, it’s gonna trickle down. I’ve made that request and I don’t know what’s happened, but I’m gonna continue to make that request. In the bible it says iron sharpens iron, and I think the President needs an iron sharpens iron moment with the Chiefs of the Police from all these different places where police brutality continues to happen.

The NV: Now that we’re about to wrap up, I wanted to ask, what do you want your legacy to be? And, also there’s been some rumors about you appearing on the new hit FOX dramedy Empire, anything you wish to clarify on those rumors?

TG: Well I was suppose to be on Empire this season, it just didn’t work out cause I was dealing with some personal matters, but I love Taraji. Me and Taraji’s “love affair” through Baby Boy, it’s almost like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams connection through The Notebook, people just want to see us together period. It doesn’t matter who I’m in a movies with, how beautiful she is, they’re like…”yeah, yeah, she’s nice, but she’s not Taraji“, and people don’t like seeing Taraji kissing or making out with no other dude, so guess what, if they come up with some good shit for me to do on Empire next season, we’ll see what we can do. I’ll be honored.

As far as my legacy, I want people to be able to say that I used my God-given stage to motivate and inspire, and give people permission to want to be sufficient and do great things all while being conscious that I never claimed nor never desired to be the biggest star. I don’t even like the pressures I deal with now where I’m at, but I use my God-given stage and social media and access to be able to motivate and inspire people the best way I can.

I’m not some dumb ass celebrity ’round running here, I didn’t go to college, but my career has been poppin’ ever since I did the Coca Cola commercial; it’s just been non-stop. It’s one thing to buy a house, it’s another thing to be able to keep a house, and the fact that I’ve been in some form of show business for 20 years is a blessing.

The NV: Any advice or last words you wish to give?

TG: Forgive faster, hug longer, kiss slower, and any issues or disfunction that’s happening in your life between family, friends or loved ones, if you believe that that relationship is worth fixing, put the issues on the table, pick them all apart and do any means necessary to not allow for any unresolved issues to keep you from reconnecting with your family, friends and loved ones more often because it’s arrogant to believe that the next seconds of life belong to you.

The NV: Thank you for allowing this opportunity to chat with you and here’s to wishing you continued success. I look forward to this grand finale of your solo musical work, but also anticipating your resurrection or rebirth into your next chapter. Thanks again.

Once again, Tyrese will next appear in Universal Pictures’ Furious 7, for which he is reprising his role as Roman Pierce, out April 3rd, 2015, while his forthcoming final solo album, Black Rose, will hit shelves on July 7th through his own label, Voltron Recordz.

Take a look at the “Behind The Scenes” Footage of Tyrese’s ‘Dumb Shit‘ video.

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