Is Chris Brown holding back progress from what was probably the most highly anticipated, and would be biggest success stories in touring history?…unfortunately, it seems to be true.

I am a HUGE C. Breezy fan but I have to admit, if I was one of his tour mates, my Sagittarius spirit would be a little TIGHT right about now, and considering that my personal favorite, Trey Songz, is blessed to be among my particular zodiac, I can only imagine the angst building within him, and probably a bit of regret in terms of this tour collaboration…hence his sentiment below.

In case you may have missed the details behind the above mentioned tweet from ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl‘, here’s a little back-story:

Yesterday, two more shows were abruptly canceled, from the touring manifesto, this time in the beautiful country of Canada. Seems Brown could not obtain clearance, via the Canadian Government, to enter the country; thus disrupting both the tour’s Montreal & Toronto tour dates that would have taken place last night (Feb. 24th) and again tonight (Feb. 25th).

Fans wasted no time chiming in, via Trey Songz’ social media timelines, with their disappointment and disapproval of the constant tour shake-ups (from the tour starting late, to dates being pushed back, and some even canceled, to now receiving notices the night before a show notifying of cancellation due to, once again, a Chris Brown related issue).

Although, there were some more “understanding’ fans whom came to the defense of Trey Songz, who has been unfairly getting hit with the inharmonious fanfare attitudes.

As stated previously, I LOVE CB, but someone(s) on his team needs a serious talking to or worse firing. These clearances and community service issues should have all been cleared up prior to commitment. I’m sure Chris has well compensated staff on his payroll to make for darn certain that things run as smoothly as possible; but unfortunately this time around that ball was definitely dropped in the Team Breezy camp.

Already had arrived to Canada (per his tweet above), Trey Songz attempted to appease fans by quickly negotiating with a local club venue to make an appearance so that fans, whom could make it and who were old enough to attend, could at least party with him for a few.

Meanwhile, the Canadian cancellations took a comedic turn when cyber space began joking that fellow musician and the ‘Loyal‘ singer’s nemesis, Drake, prevented Brown from entering.

Losing money and disappointing fans is never what anyone wants, and after taking the brunt of the fan’s comments on both Instagram and Twitter, Trey had to ask…”What did I do though?” GOOD QUESTION.

I really hope they can end this tour on a brighter note, and with a bang…THEY NEED IT.

Despite all of the troubles this tour has encountered, I will say, no one that has attended a show left standing, was left feeling unappreciated as a fan, as the tour performances itself have garnered rave reviews.

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