Tyrese Gibson has never been a stranger to hustle, as he clearly hustled his way from the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles into a Cola commercial which leads to small television appearances catapulting a singing career that caught fire, and launched him into a very lucrative thespian…Did I miss anything?

All that to say, we can learn a thing or two from Mr. Gibson. The mindset of “If you build it, they will come” is definitely the common denominator in this talented and handsome brother’s career strategy.

The Transformers & The Fast & The Furious franchise actor is now campaigning to star in yet another cartoon turned to real life franchise, The Green Lantern. The Baby Boy lead is garnering attention, towards his interest in the part, by posting mock up sketches of his image being portrayed as the comic book action character.

I can’t say his efforts will obtain him the role, but I can say it’s a genius move. Ask and you shall receive, right?…We shall see.

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