I’ve always been a fan of Ms. Keri Baby, so much as to see the recent shot she fired at the petty bloggers & “fans” that were dominating timelines yesterday, while coming for her, and calling her “irrelevant” was an hilarious delight, and I’m sure quite humbling to those behind a computer screen, to ridicule or simply reporting to capitalize off the talents and “RELEVANCY” of others; because lets face it, if not for a person being someone of importance in the first place, no one would be talking…SHADE THAT FACT.

I, myself, seen the posted photo & video of singer Keri Hilson performing live, as the opening act to rocker Lenny Kravitz, to a stadium of empty seats and chose not to post such negativity…yeah, Keri may not be at the level she once was, but there are very few artists that actually can sustain their same level of popularity over the years…and child, if getting paid 100 stacks equates to irrelevancy to perform for a mere 30 minutes…well, where do I sign up?

Now if you’ve lived under a rock somewhere to not know why the shade is so poignant towards the once “Energy” singer, then let me fill you in. A few years back, Keri mentioned that the Queen B (Beyonce) should basically go sit down and start a family….well needless to say, the BeyHive (Bey’s fans) came for Keri’s neck…and career as some may say.

Take a look at the shot fired, via twitter, by the talented Ms. Hilson. LOL

I love a chick who can “nice-nasty” read while smirking all the way to the bank.

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