The NV was recently introduced to the amazing talent of Dejé Kelly, an up-and-upcoming R&B/Drop artist (as he refers to himself) out of Atlanta, GA.  We took the opportunity to catch up with the rising star to get his take on his flourishing music career & musical influences, and to hear his newest released single, ‘Full Glass Me‘, that’s now available on iTunes.

If you haven’t yet been blessed with familiarizing yourself with the singer and his new track, we’ve got you covered below.  Take a listen as you read to learn more about the handsome superstar in the making.


1.) The NV:  First of all, thank you for submitting your song and introducing your music. I absolutely love the vibe & tone. With the track, ‘Full Glass Me‘, it has a unique take on a sexual experience. How did you come up with the drinking “taking shots” concept?

DK:  Really I needed a unique way to say something that’s been said over and over again.  If anything the beat screamed for that melody, then words kinda filled themselves in.  Next thing I knew, the song had written itself.


2.) The NV:  Yeah, I always heard it’s easiest to write to a beat than without.  Just to be clear, the concept behind that metaphor is on the same level as Usher’s ‘Good Kisser‘, is it not?

DK:  In my opinion, it’s on a whole different level. ‘Full Glass Me’ can have multiple meanings, different people take different views on the song.


3.) The NV:  What’s your view? What would you define the meaning of the song to be to you?

DK:  I view the song as a smooth melodic conversation with a female who’s asking me to (“full glass”) refill or give her more on what it is she wants, rather it’s a drink, or anything else…so I ask her “what you drinking“.  I don’t mind quenching the ladies thirst (LOL), I’m kidding; but yeah, it’s a real chill song that u can ride to and vibe to in the club.


4.) The NV:  LOL OoooK!? See where my mind was at? LOL!  I get a little August Alsina flow with your style.  Has anyone compared you to anyone as of yet?

DK:  Definitely.  My entire life I’ve been compared to someone. Everyone wants to compare you to someone so that they can better categorize you.  I’ve been compared to everybody from August Alsina to Stevie Wonder.


5.) The NV:  I can see that (smiles).   What sparked your interest in becoming a singer, and when did you first pick up a mic?

DK:  Well there was never a spark.  It was an ongoing flame that I was born with.  I’ve been singing since I was in the car seat.  I’ve always had a mic in my hand; whether it was a fake remote control mic that my imagination created, or an actual one.


6.) The NV:  Yes, I think we’ve all done the imaginary microphone “I’m a famous singer bit” as a kid, LOL…good thing you have the talent to back it up (smiles).  Who has influenced your musical taste?  And who would you most like to collaborate with?

DK:  Who hasn’t influenced my musical taste is the question LOL!  I find inspiration in any and every song that I hear.  When I was introduced to EDM music, it broadened my ideas for music.  That’s where I came up with R&B/Drop music (not to be confused with R&B/POP).   Stevie Wonder is over course my first choice.   He’s a legend that proves that good music conquers any physical abnormalities.


7.) The NV:  What’s the difference between R&B/Drop vs. R&B/POP music?

DK: R&B/Drop is R&B music that has a signature drop in it. Sorta like EDM (electronic dance music) formula that has the build up then a big base drop in.

EDM isn’t as popular in the USA as it is overseas. Over there it’s almost a lifestyle. And POP music literally means popular music. It’s just been categorized to a certain sound that’s all.


8.)  The NV:  Are you your own sole songwriter on this project, or do you work with a team of writers?

DK:  Nope, my bestfriends helped me write the song.  My friends are my team honestly.


9.) The NV:  In the beginning of the ‘Full Glass Me‘ track, there’s a mention of the producer (I believe)…Who’s the producer and how long have you been working together?

DK:  That’s Zay Bcuz, the next super producer, and we’ve been working together for a year now.



10.) The NV:  I see you rep the ATL.  Atlanta is definitely making its’ mark in today’s music…with so many transplants in the ATL, are you originally born and raised in Georgia? If not, where are you from?

DK:  I’m a native of Greensboro, North Carolina.  Yes I am a transplant that’s been back and forth for years.  Since half of my life I’ve lived here in ATL, I guess I’m half transplant if that makes any sense.


11.) The NV:  Yes, it does; it makes plenty of sense.  I’m not originally a Washingtonian, but I’ve lived in the Maryland/DMV area most of my life, and now have my own transplanted history in the Atlanta area, so I understand LOL.  Are you currently signed to a record label (major or independent), or with a production company?

DK:  I am, by choice, independent all the way!  I believe in full creative control and taking certain risk that labels are afraid of.  I believe every cookie shouldn’t have the same ingredients or be cut with the same cookie cutter, because then we’ll all have the same taste ya know.


12.) The NV:  Oh I definitely get that.  Any plans for a full album release?  if so, when?

DK:  I do plan on an album release in the future, but 2015 is my year of smash hit singles and mass featuring.


13.) The NV:  Have you any upcoming shows/appearances your growing fan base can catch you on?  What’s next for you?

DK:  I have an appearance at Spelman College that I’m so excited about!  I’ll be there sharing my music and explaining my hardships throughout life and certain decisions I had to make for my career.


14.) The NV:  Congratulations on that booking.  That is awesome!  Sharing your journey is always an amazing way to connect with people to convey a message, as well as, through your music; you never know who’s listening and what someone can take from your own personal sacrifices and learning experiences.  Tell people where they can follow you to stay informed.

DK:  Thank you!  Everything is the same. Dejé Kelly everything!

Twitter: @DejéKelly
Instagram: @DejéKelly
YouTube: DejéKellyMusic
Vevo: Dejé Kelly
Official Website: www.Dejé

Thank you again for chatting it up with me, and cheers to wishing you continued success.

To Purchase the ‘Full Glass Me’ single on iTunes click here


Video & Song rights reserved by Dejé Kelly.

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