Floetry, one of this generation’s favorite “neo-soul”, as they were categorized, rap-poetry slanging & singing talented groups reunited for the first time after an eight year departure from the music scene…as a duo at least. Marsha ‘The Songtress’ Ambrosius surprised her audience by bringing out former bandmate, Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart, to perform the title track off their 2002 debut album Floetic while performing at The Claphand Grand in London.

Marsha stated to the crowd:

This has been a long time coming.”

Over the years, both ladies have done exceptionally well for themselves while focusing on solo projects.

Stewart has released three (3) independent albums, while Ambrosius has released two (2) major label projects, with the latest effort being one of the year’s critically acclaimed albums titled Friends & Lovers.

Floetry’s last release was 2005’s Flo’Ology. No word on whether the duo will re-form the group to record another album together.

Check out the performance via the Play Button above.

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