Songbook Entertainment is no stranger to identifying talent and creating superstars…i.e. Trey Songz; well introducing, Richard King, the newest protege of Songbook’s hitmaker Troy Taylor.

Check out our quick Q&A session with the rising star, then view the premiere visual for his single ‘Plus One‘ by clicking on the PLAY button on the default photo above.


1.) TheNV:  Where are you from:

RK:  I’m from Motown! Detroit city.


2.) TheNV:  At what age did you start singing, and how did you become discovered by Songbook Entertainment?

RK:  I showed a passion for singing at around age 4, I believe. That’s what my mother says. LOL.

My older brother managed my Myspace page back in the MySpace era. LOL. It’s actually a funny story because he spoke to Troy Taylor of Songbook as if it were me. Therefore, the first time I actually spoke with Troy he spoke to me like he already knew me. I was immature then, so the conversation didn’t really go well, to say the least, and about six years went by without us speaking.

Myself & Troy reconnected a couple years ago and I was going to be a writer for Songbook. Some time went past with nothing really happening for me as a writer, that’s when I told Troy that I wanted to be an artist. He thought it was a good idea so that’s when we started artist development, and I moved to Atlanta where he lives. Huge sacrifice but this is something I’ve always wanted. Long story short, almost a year later, here I am with a single (Plus One) and a video out.


3.) TheNV:  I would say that’s a nice turnabout in a short period of time; so the move was well worth it…Congratulations!  Who are your musical influences?

RK:  Thank you.  I’m an old soul.  Though my favorite artist is Tank, I love the pioneers of R&B and some Gospel.

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Donny Hathaway, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke are my biggest influences to name a few.


4.) TheNV:  I see you have written for other artists. Do you write all of your songs?

RK:  Well my most famous co-write is for Jacob Latimore’s ‘ah Yeah‘ track; however, I’m still new in the music world as of now.

I write most of the songs I have, yes. I do like great ideas from others though. I love to collaborate with amazing writers.


5.) TheNV:  Since you love to collaborate, which artists would you most like to work with?

RK:  I would love to work with Tank. I was in a writing session with him for a song I actually got to record. That was a life changing moment for me. I actually do a music gathering every month on my Ustream channel (see link below) to showcase the music I’ve been doing and favorites that fans request. Follow my social media and maybe you can attend one “Royal Music Gathering” to hear it before it comes out. *Smiles*.


6.) TheNV:  I would love to!  Tell the people how they can find you.

Facebook:  Richard King

Instagram:  SirRichardKing

Twitter:  SirRichardKing

Ustream: SirRichardKing


TheNV:  Thank you for the chat and I will definitely be following and staying on the lookout for more music to come.  Continued success!

Song rights reserved by Songbook Entertainment & Richard King





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