The Lifetime Channel’s premiere of the highly anticipated Aaliyah: Princess of R&B movie aired yesterday, and lets just say the reception wasn’t kind.  Many of die hard Aaliyah fans felt the movie did not represent the pop princess’ life in the best manner, and made a mockery of her life’s achievements by too strongly focusing on her romance with former mentor, producer and ultimately husband, R. Kelly, whom she wed at the tender age of 15.

To makes matters worse, the biopic’s star, Alexandra Shipp, along with the remainder of the cast, did not even pronounce Aaliyah’s name correctly as AH LEE YAH, which the fallen star was adamant about during her short life.  Her name was said to be the female version of the Arabic “Ali”, however the original Arabic and Jewish name “Aliya” derived from a Hebrew word “Aliyah”, and meant “highest, most exalted one, the best.

The casting director of the film seemed to be blind as not one of the actors, beyond the film’s star slight resemblance, looked like whom they were suppose to portray, i.e. Timbaland, Missy Elliott, R. Kelly & Damon Dash.

Among the outrage, that spilled onto social media, was nearly a targeted, bully-styled campaign towards both Executive Producer, Wendy Williams, and actress Alexandra Shipp.

Here are some of the hilarious memes that fired shots at the distasteful and unauthorized film.



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