We actually seen this coming…actually we’re surprised this venture wasn’t considered and executed years ago. A supermodel with a cosmetic line…GENUIS! LOL

Seems Tyra Banks and her Bankable Productions company has partnered with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) to debut & market Tyra’s new cosmetic brand, Tyra Beauty.

Created with her personal Ty-Glide technology, the dome-shaped products (blush, highlighter, contour and shadows) offer an easy application that makes putting on makeup fast. The line will consist of the following…read below to find out how the products work.

For the Lips

The TYRA What Lipstick? Lip Color is an all around favorite among the editors I’ve spoken with. Smooth and moisturizing, What Lipstick? pretty much makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing on your lips. It also comes in two amazing shades: Ask for a Raise and Younger Man ($28).

The TYRA Lip Model Lip Color is a richly pigmented infused lipstick created with a Micro-Mirror technology that serves up intense high shine. You can pick this up in the glittery red (Hater Blocker) or in the chic pink (What It Takes) ($24).

The TYRA Suede and Juicy Lip Duo in LOMO is my personal favorite. As a double-ended piece that offers a matte lip color and a gloss, this intense red almost gives MAC’s Ruby Woo a run for its money. Why? Because it really does look good on every complexion ($29).

For the Eyes

The TYRA Oops Liner and Corrector pretty much make it easy for the woman who has been afraid of liquid liner her entire life. The fool-proof liner is easy to apply, makes no mess and has a clear corrector for any mistakes ($26).

The TYRA Eyes in a Stick is a shadow that rolls on easy and stays on long. Also creataed with the Ty-Glide technology, the shadow sticks come in two shades: Once You Go Brown and Blold ($24).
TYRA’s Smack My Fat Lash Mascara is an intense, jet black dual formula that makes your lashes look thick and long. It’s a bit of a wet mascara, so be careful not to apply too quickly ($28).

For the Cheeks

The TYRA Light in a Stick Formula Highlighter makes it easy for beginners to apply the product correctly. Built with the dome shape and Ty-Glide Technology, this formula is smooth and velvety and has no need for brushes ($26).

The TYRA Cheek in a Stick Blush comes in one shade (Sexy Hot Flash), but looks good on almost every complexion. With this product, your best bet it to apply directly on your cheekbone and use your middle finger to blend in. It’s that easy ($24).

The TYRA Sculpt in a Stick Face Contour comes in Light and Deep and makes shaping your face ten times easier than what we see on the YouTube videos. Created to apply with your fingers, you’ll be able to practice contouring your face without looking or feeling crazy ($24).

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