Jim Jones has no mercy on his former Rocafella Records boss Dame Dash according to CentricTV.com.

Seems the streets are talking based on what Dash posted via Instagram recently.

The Rocafella co-founder, Dash, reignited the beef with the Harlem rapper, Jones, after posting an Instagram photo with himself and Cam’ron filming for an unidentified project. On Monday, Dash, 43, captioned the photo with a rant about “real Harlem n-ggas.”

“Real Harlem n-ggas never fight each other and never disrespect each other…not under any circumstance…we have to much respect for each other we only wanna make money and get fresh…. We stay as far away from that insecure tough sh-t as possible…all the tough sh-t is embarrassing… And doesn’t reflect us…we only wanna promote positivity and sticking together as a culture…. #harlemstickstogether acting tough is for punks”

Jim, 38, knew the dig was aimed at him; therefore, he fired back by re-posting the photo and went into a lengthy tirade against Dame, mentioning Dash’s IG handle so that everyone knew exactly who he was speaking at. See Jones’ response below:

Reportedly the beef is due to the former Dipset member accusing Dame of a beverage deal gone wrong. When Jones was on The Breakfast Club this summer he admitted when he gets in his feelings he says exactly what he feels.


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