Young couple in love outdoorIn the attempt to find our perfect love and “soulmate”, we must all go through the dread of meeting people, whether good or bad, DATING is inevitable.  UGH!

I for one HATE dating, but there are some positives involved once you actually meet that one person worth it all.

Here are a few activities that can cut down on the financial burden of dating while still appearing…”impressive”.

  1. Spend the night in cooking his/her favorite meal.
  2. Go to a special meaningful place to your date (if you did some intuitive research or asked the right questions).  It will be remembered.
  3. Go ice skating and grab some hot cocoa afterward.
  4. I’m a ice cream fanatic. Take me to a Ben & Jerry’s and on a nice scenic walk or drive, and it’s a date. LOL
  5. Look on your local city/community event websites. There are often free venues playing music or art shows.
  6. If you have a coupon, use it.  Sidebar: DO NOT LET YOUR DATE SEE YOU PAY WITH THE COUPON. LOL
  7. Have a movie night at home.  Can you say CUDDLE session!
  8. Go to a local planetarium or aquarium.
  9. Go help someone else out.  Serve food at homeless shelters or interact with kids at a local community center.  Your good-hearted nature shows & brownie points are secretly given in the mind of your date. WIN!
  10. Go to a outdoor concert and have a picnic. Don’t go to shows with BIG NAMES, just local musicians you can just vibe to.  It’s inexpensive and makes for a great time
  11. Walks are always romantic (whether at the park, shore or downtown while visiting museums).
  12. Play your favorite card game or board game.
  13. Visit another near by city, a mini out-of-town day trip, and find some inexpensive things to do.
  14. If it’s snowing in your area, have a snowball fight, build a snowman together or go sledding (only for the active, outdoorsy fun types like myself) LOL
  15. Visit free tourist spots in your hometown.
  16. Depending on the weather, go hiking.
  17. Live near the water? Water sports are ALWAYS fun. Think paddle boating, jet skiing or surfing.
  18. Take a dance class together. Sometimes they are free if you are there before or at a certain time.
  19. If you like guns, go to a shooting range together.
  20. Never just meet up for drinks.  I HATE that suggestion and many females do.  Just order dessert at a really great restaurant, that way you’re at a table and not sitting at a bar, and can converse more freely.  It’s still inexpensive because you didn’t eat a meal.
  21. Look at for activities, dinners, or even getaway coupons.

I added a few things to make my list but here’s the original Source.

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