The NV had the pleasure of catching up with New Jersey bred singer, Alus, to discuss her greatest musical influences, performing on the “media darling” of tours, The SXSW Concert Series, and which song would be the follow-up to her ever popular current single, Relapse. Get to know the “Alustrious” woman behind the voice, and discover why her fans, charmingly referred to as “Alussians”, continue to multiply. Watch Alus’ latest video for newest single, Relapse, by clicking the PLAY button above.

1795866_601787476569106_85029759_o1.) The NV:  At such a young age, being just 20 years old, you have a very mature perspective & sound, which genre(s) of music did you grow up with, and which do you migrate to most in your own artistic expression?  Who are your musical influences?

A:  I grew up with a variety of music in my house. My dad is a huge progressive rock fan, as well as, a musician himself; he plays drums and trumpet. He introduced me to artists and bands like Tool, Rush, Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, and so many more. My grandma is also a classically trained violinist who graduated from Juilliard, and regularly played with the Rat Pack. She introduced me to classical acts like Mozart, Beethoven, and her favorite, Bach. I appreciate all types of music that I’ve heard, but naturally, I gravitate towards soulful sounds which definitely influence my music…especially in terms of melody.

Some of my favorites are Billie Holiday, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, and Aaliyah.

2.) The NV:  When did you first know you had a talent for song, and when did the realization occur where you knew you wanted to pursue becoming a recording artist professionally?

A:  I feel like I was born with a God given talent because for as long as I could remember, music has always been a deep passion of mine. It feels like it’s a part of me and in my blood. I started singing when I could basically talk, and who even knows where that came from? I also started playing piano, by ear, when I was four years old. I began writing my own music as I got older (which probably wasn’t very good at the time). I always wanted to be a superstar, since I was little, and knew that with hard work, my dreams would come to fruition.

cd cover3.) The NV:  Your latest EP entitled “Alustrious” debuts Relapse as your first single, which illustrates the angst of back and forth relationships; Is the song’s lyrics inspired by any personal struggle with love?

A:  Relapse is a toxic love song about a situation I was in at the time. It was painful love because I really felt deeply about this person but I knew it was an unhealthy situation; So in a sense, I grew bipolar, where I knew I wanted to distance myself from him, but I knew my feelings were too real to deny which led me to go back to him. It was a vicious circle. I described myself like a drug addict who kept “relapsing”.

4.) The NV:  Your songwriting style and topics are extremely relatable, do you write most of your material independently or is it an collaborative team effort?

A:  I’m not really picky when it comes to writing a song because a good record is a good record. I do love co-writing because it really expands your style of writing, and you can learn so much and grow as a songwriter yourself. The concept of my music always comes from me, and is usually about a real life situation that I’m either going through or have gone through. I would say I’m writing about men most of the time, but they end up in a song because they are boys…Stupid Boys. I love venting my problems through my music because I know people can relate to the situations in my life. Music is my therapy. It helps me heal.

5.)  The NV:  The concept for the Relapse video was very artistically done, I probably watched it a good six times straight, mimicking the lyrics, LOL…what was the inspiration behind the skeletal face?…Was that used as a way to show how love can, at times, strip us down to bare bones?

A:  Thank you! I came up with the video concept for Relapse at 4 am in my kitchen when I was dancing to the record by myself. I have this dark side to me. I love Tim Burton films, and whenever I listened to the record I just felt like it had this dark presence. I had this vision of a delicate emotion transforming into a monster because of the situation in the song. I always want the sonic to match the visual, especially concerning emotion, because that’s what I put into my records, EMOTION! I decided to visually show this transformation in my behavior & look. The audience sees a softer look with pink and neutral colors which represents my more sensitive side, and then they get to see me transform into a skull face taking on this sinister and crazy behavior. By the end of the video, I’m in a straight jacket, so you know this dude really f*cked me up!


6.) The NV:  You were recently apart of the SXSW (South by South West) concert series, how was that experience? Any memorable encounters with any artist(s) you’re a fan of?

A: SXSW was dope! I had a few shows out there and met a lot of fans! The crowd was full of energy, and it was so real to see them singing my lyrics back at me. I did meet a few big rappers, who I’m a fan of…one actually heard my mixtape, and was a fan of mine! It was a dope experience.

7.) The NV:  That is so awesome! Getting to meet the ones you’ve been inspired by, and in return, they become similarly inspired by you is an experience to never be forgotten. With that being said, how often do you tour, and is there an official ALUS website coming for us to keep up with your show appearances?

A: All these things are currently being worked out. I can’t wait to meet so many of the “Alussians” who write me online. You can get all current and upcoming information on my newly published website:

8.) The NV:  Which song do you anticipate will be your next single off “Alustrious“? I vote for Chasing Miracles…I can definitely relate. 😉

A: I love surprising people.
9.) The NV:  Inform the audience where they can find your music and how to stay connected with you socially.

A: You may find me all over social media on:

Official Website

The NV:  Thank you for chatting with us and cheers to wishing you continued success.

Video & Song rights reserved by Alus

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