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The View talk show host, Sherri Shepherd, has continued to harness a burgeoning career into the mainstream of public admiration right onto Hollywood’s “A List”. Through perseverance, prayer and laughter, Sherri has publicly battled her own personal challenges; but as with any triumphant woman full of graceful presence & endurance, mixed with forceful aggression & ambition, Sherri remains respectable and, better yet, likable in the “Art” of celebrity.

In an effortless manner, which is far from effortless, Sherri has seemingly mastered winning out and reigning supreme in the precautionary tale of the “field of dreams”.   She continues to wear the same bright, and now trademark smile, we as fans, have come to love…(flashback to The Jamie Foxx Show days…can we say, “Hi Sheila”) LOL.

From conquering the stage as a comedienne, authoring a health & better lifestyle bestseller (pictured at left), pulling double duty while starring in her own sitcom, appropriately titled Sherri, and engaging us daily in her seat at the The View’s table, the Emmy Winning Co-Host, has turned strategic business decisions into the beginnings of a business mogul.

Sherri’s latest acquisition, a partnership with LUXHAIR, has now arrived with the introduction of the “NOW for Sherri Shepherd” wig line! If you’re in the Atlanta area and would like spend “An Afternoon with Sherri”, come out to the BeautyMasters location, listed on the below promotional flyer, in Morrow, GA.

Sherri, we congratulate you!


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