For most, long gone are the days where our skin radiated that glow of adolescence; lacking the smoothness and softness of the baby skin we once knew. Glowing looking skin is such a craving, in our cosmetic brainwashed membrane, that we will try every product on the market that claims to rejuvenate our “natural glow”. We completely ignore the fact that the term “glowing” is merely an indication of our skin being healthy…and healthy skin is the only sure way to have “the glow”. Therefore, we decided to list some natural, herbal instructions for creating your own beauty recipes and enhancing your daily regimen.

Here are some great beauty tips for glowing skin made from everyday items in your kitchen!

Tip 1: Grapes:


Utilize grapes to add glow to your face. Take a few grapes and rub on your face, or mash a few up to create your own facial mask.

Tip 2: Cucumber juice, glycerine and rose water:

Mixing together cucumber juice, glycerine and rose water is very effective. Use it before stepping out in the sun and after returning.

Tip 3: Sandalwood, turmeric and milk:

Make a fine paste of sandalwood powder, a little turmeric powder and milk. Apply on face, leaving on for a few minutes to get natural glow and freshness.

Tip 4: Honey and cream:

Mixing honey and cream is a great way to keep the skin soft and glowing, especially during winter.

Tip 5: Fresh milk, salt and lime juice:

Add a pinch of salt and little lime juice to milk. This will cleanse and open skin pores.

Tip 6: Tomato juice:


Tomato juice mixed with lemon juice helps keep face soft and glowing.

Tip 7: Turmeric powder, wheat flour and sesame oil:

Make a paste using turmeric powder, wheat flour and sesame oil. Apply this on your skin to remove unwanted hair.

Tip 8: Cabbage juice and honey:

Cabbage juice mixed with a little honey prevents wrinkles.

Tip 9: Carrot juice:

Applying carrot juice directly on the face is a great way to get a natural glow.

Tip 10: Honey and cinnamon powder:


Make a paste with 3 parts of honey and 1 part cinnamon powder. Apply it on pimples & leave on overnight. This aids in removing pimples and reduces scaring.

Tip 11: Groundnut oil and lime juice:

Mix a little groundnut oil with fresh lime juice and apply on face to prevent pimples and blackheads.

Tip 12: Aloe Vera juice:

Applying Aloe Vera juice to any affected area(s) helps in reducing pigmentation marks, along with hydrating the skin.

Tip 13: Ghee and glycerine:

A mixture of ghee and glycerine is a great home-made moisturizer.

Tip 14: MultaniMitti, rose petals, neem, tulsi and rose water:

Applying a paste using multanimitti, rose petals, neem leaves powder, tulsi leaves powder and a little rose/lemon water leaves the skin healthy and glowing.

Tip 15: Apricots and yogurt:


Mix apricots and yogurt to get a smooth paste. This enhances the skin and gives a fresh look.
NOTE: Add honey to the concoction if you have dry skin.

All of these tips contribute to good skin health that results in glowing skin!


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